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John Wayne - The Westerns Movies List

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Marion Robert Morison or popularly known as John Wayne is among the famed American celebrities throughout. In 1999 the American Film awarded him as the 13th Greatest Male stars of all time. As a matter of fact John Wayne has all the characteristics of an effective actor. Among his best traits is his masculine voice that grabs the attention of the public.

As a matter of fact, he experienced various jobs until he chance on John Ford his old buddy. Next thing he knew he was taking several minor roles on movies. He took over 70 roles for various films yet he still wasn’t given a chance to get the lead role until John Ford brought his first chart buster film on 1939, the Stage Coach. As a matter of fact its among the greatest movies that made John Wayne so famous. Eventually John Wayne westerns became a hit and John Wayne movies became widely accessible.  

John Wayne Movie List

As a matter of fact you can easily sum up the number of John Wayne movies. He played roles in almost 250 movies. Among his famed role is a one-eyed rooster cog burn in a 1969 film True Grit. Oscar awarded him for the role. Like John Wayne movie list, the list of his awards is also very lengthy.

As a matter of fact he was nominated at the Oscar’s academy awards for about three times. Among the awards he received from various roles are Golden Globes USA, Golden Boots Award, Viewers Choice Awards and more. Among his most popular films are The Sootiest, Eldorado and The Searchers. His height and voice gives him an edge and somehow a good factor for his success in show business. The graph of his fame has risen very steadily rising; In fact in his every character we can find the hell lot of improvement which leads him towards the Oscar.

John Wayne was not just an actor, he proved himself as a director as well. He directed the movie ‘The Alamo’ in 1960 which won Academy award as well. This motion picture is surely exciting with its fast-moving scenes. When it comes to being an actor and director of a western film he is certainly a marvel.
Undoubtedly, John Wayne Westerns is the trade name of his victory. In complete count he was in 240 movies. Even now, a huge number of people watch and get ideas from John Wayne movies. John Wayne died in 1979 his fans continue to grow. He died but his western films would live for long.

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